Troubleshooting Guide

Smoke Detectors won’t work when tested?
Press the test button or test with approved smoke detector smoke spray, replace battery.
Smoke Detector beeps?
Replace battery
No power to plugs or switches?
  • Check and reset the breaker panel.
  • Check and reset all GFI (Ground Fault Indicator) outlets (located in kitchen, bathrooms, utility room, and garages).
  • Check to see if the plug works off a wall switch
Garbage disposal not working?

When on, do you hear a buzz?

  • No? Hit the reset button on the bottom of the disposal and test.
  • Yes? Turn off disposal and unplug from the wall. Mounted on the side of the disposal or side of cabinet may be an Allen Wrench. Put the wrench in the center shaft and gently twist back and forth (this un-jams the disposal). Remove the object that is causing the obstruction, turn back on, and test.
No heat?
Check thermostat. Make sure it is set to 68 degrees, and on auto, not fan. Did you pay your utility bill on time or issue an order to disconnect services?
Plumbing or fixtures leak?
Turn off the water fixture, turn off water at the supply line and notify Zillastate PM immediately.
Clogged toilet?

No paper products other than toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet.

  • Plunge and test.
  • If your toilet overflows, or you notice water at the base of the toilet, turn off the valve at the bottom/rear of the toilet, and wipe up excess water.
Clogged sink or toilet?

DO NOT use Drano and other caustic cleaners to unclog your drains.

  • Please pour half a bottle of dish soap down the drain and fill the sink with hot water.
  • Once the sink is half full, pull the drain stop and let the water rush down the drain. Rinse the sink with hot water to clean and remove all debris.
No hot water?
Check and reset the breaker in power panel.
Dishwasher won’t drain?
Clean food/debris out of the bottom of the dishwasher.
Dishwasher grinds or no water is coming in?
  • Turn off.
  • If no water is on the bottom, pour two large glasses of water into the bottom and re-start.
  • If problem continues, call Zillastate PM immediately and discontinue use.
Calcium build-up in dishwasher?
Pour a little bit of vinegar in your dishwasher and run it while empty
Refrigerator too warm or too cold?
Check if thermostat in refrigerator is set correctly.
No electricity?
Check all breakers flip them hard to the OFF position for ten seconds and then hard to the ON position.
Washing machine leaving residue on clothing?
Please run the machine with vinegar, baking soda, and hot water.
If any of the problems above persist, please submit a work order to Zillastate PM. Remember, YouTube is your friend! Please call our office at (406) 552-0466, or submit your request through your online portal.